If you see graffiti please submit a CitizenSupport ticket, use the category “Graffiti”

What is Graffiti?

Graffiti is defined as writing, drawing or symbols applied to any surface without the consent of the property owner, authorized agent or designate.

  • Impact: If not immediately removed graffiti sends out a message that “nobody cares” about the area. It also causes our community to look unsafe, and creates an open invitation for more loitering, and other graffiti. Unfortunately, the presence of graffiti makes people concerned about their personal safety and can provide an area in which to commit other acts of violence and crime.
  • Prevention: In order to prevent graffiti it is important to keep all areas clean and well maintained. Increase lighting on your property and install motion detector lights where possible. On your walls choose protective anti-graffiti coatings and use clinging vegetation or thick/thorny bushes to eliminate large writing surfaces. Lastly, the installation of a fence is a very effective method of deterring graffiti taggers from your property.
  • Report Graffiti: Submit a CitizenSupport ticket using the category “Graffiti”. The Director of Protective Services will then organize a prompt and effective removal of the graffiti from the affected area.

NOTE: This program generally runs mid May to mid October. Weather permitting.


To construct and maintain a safe and welcoming community atmosphere by:

  • Free removal service – provide free pressure-washing, chemical spray, and/or painting services (paint must be supplied by owner) to encourage removal efforts in our community
  • Education – the production and distribution of graffiti prevention brochures to all members of the community
  • Community involvement – gaining city wide support from community businesses not to sell spray paint to minors


Goals and Objectives

  • To encourage, create and maintain an atmosphere in our community that is safe and welcoming by providing free, effective graffiti removal from all private and public property.
  • To educate members of the community on effective graffiti prevention strategies, what to do when graffiti appears on their property, and the importance of prompt graffiti removal.
  • Instilling a sense of shared community pride by working together with business and homeowners to keep properties well maintained and free of graffiti.

This program is a partnership between the Crime Prevention Advisory Board and the City of Selkirk.