Canada 150 Mosaic Image

Canada 150 Mosaic Project

Groups, organizations & individuals wanted to help craft Selkirk’s Canada 150 Mosaic Mural

We want to hear from you!


PAINTING WORKSHOPS: Saturday November 5th & Sunday November 6th – Limited time slots available 

We are accepting tile painting registration until Thursday, November 3rd. 

Please email your name or organizations name, how many participants you are registering and leave your contact info including phone number and someone will reply to you to confirm your registration with a time slot. 


Contact Vanessa:

[email protected]  to register via email now! 

or call 204-785-4946 

Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas for our mural’s theme and also to those who have already registered. 



A little info on this project…..

In 2017, Canada will turn 150 years old. It’s a country that has welcomed the world through its borders. To celebrate this birthday, the Mural Mosaic team has launched a bold plan.

Selkirk is one of the 150 communities from across the country that has been asked to take part in the Canada 150 Mosaic Project. The project will see 150 mosaic murals created across the country that represent Canada’s history.

The people of Selkirk will work together to create an 8×12-foot mural over the course of 2016.

Community members who signed up have been invited (or will be shortly) to paint images (of their choice) on approximately 600 ceramic tiles (4×4” each) that will be joined together to create our mural. So, there will be 600 little stories making up the one big iconic image.

Painting workshops are scheduled for November 5th & 6th, in Selkirk. Someone will contact you with the time and location if they haven’t already. 

Once all of the tiles are painted and the mural is completed, it will be mounted, clear coated and photographed. The mural will be forever displayed in Selkirk and connected virtually to the other murals on

Stay tuned for our murals theme!

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This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

Ce projet a été rendu possible en partie par le gouvernement du Canada.


Thank you to our media sponsor