City of Selkirk Public Works Team

The City of Selkirk Tenders must be received on or prior to the closing date and time.

Submissions are to be delivered to:

City of Selkirk Civic Office

200 Eaton Avenue

Selkirk, MB  R1A 0W6


Email and faxed submissions WILL NOT be accepted.

Please ensure your submission includes all required documents.

Tender TR-2017-01

Work Clothing & Laundry Service Tender

Tender TR-2017-02

Supply of Two Half-Ton Trucks Tender(revised)

Addendum – Supply of Two Half-Ton Trucks Tender

Tender TR-2017-03

TR-2017-03 Street, Sidewalk and Land Drainage Projects Tender

TR-2017-03 Bid Sheets

Tender TR-2017-03 – Drawings (9 separate pages)

16127-C00-Cover-17021416127-C01-Sophia-17021416127-C02-Sophia-17021416127-C03-Sophia-17021416127-C04-Pacific-17021416127-C05-Pacific-17021416127-C06-McLean-17021416127-C07-McLean-17021416127-C08-Misc. Details-170214