Telus Kids Zone 4:00pm-8:00pm

Geocaching Scavenger Hunt

Noon – Theme ” Movie Filming Locations in Selkirk”

EMCEE – QX104 Vicki Shae

4:00 Gameshow

4:15 Ukrainian Dancers

5:00 Canadian Express (Band) – Canadian Tire Side Stage

5:50 Gameshow

6:00 Double Bourbon (Band) – Canadian Tire Side Stage

6:45 Gameshow (Are you smarter then the Mayor)

7:00 R&R The Band (Band) – Canadian Tire Side Stage

7:45 Fiddling – Meghan Mowatt

8:00 Tribute to Cher (Band)  

8:45 Hoop Dancing – Shanley Spence

9:00 November Underground (Band) – Canadian Tire Side Stage

9:45 Gameshow

9:55 JukeBox Heroes (Band) 

11:00pm- Best Fireworks Display in the Interlake (and worth the 25 minute drive from Winnipeg)


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