Selkirk’s Vision is to be a vibrant regional hub for commerce, culture and recreation, providing the best opportunities an urban centre can offer.

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A vibrant, safe and healthy community

We’ll enhance the qualities that make Selkirk a warm and special place through:

  • Continued development of Selkirk’s natural features and outdoor spaces
  • Providing the best possible recreation opportunities for Selkirk residents
  • Revitalizing downtown
  • Encouraging responsible land use, aligned with the community’s vision
  • Engaging the entire community in shaping our future


A strong and stable local economy

We’ll sustain Selkirk’s quality of life for future generations by:

  • Taking firmer control of our economic destiny
  • Building on Selkirk’s status as a regional service centre
  • Capitalizing on Selkirk’s tourism potential
  • Revitalizing Selkirk’s image


Safe and sustainable infrastructure

We’ll address the need for substantial capital investments in the years ahead as we focus on:

  • Reliable water supply
  • Adequate funding for maintenance of all city-owned assets
  • Smooth operation of transportation systems
  • Clear intentions for future development


Maximum value from community resources

We’ll strive for the best return from municipal investments and operations through:

  • More active management of capital assets
  • Having the right human capital in place at the right time
  • Continued improvements in efficiency and convenience
  • More effective regional development approaches


Environmental stewardship

We’ll protect the natural features and resources that are so important to our community by:

  • Improving city practices and services
  • Encouraging more environmentally responsible development
  • Water conservation
  • Helping citizens to make good choices